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--- 01/01/03 ---
Site:  It's been over a whole year since my last update, so this probably will not come as a surprise to anyone who actually still visits our site. With the great increase in commercialized anime in the US and the influx of cheap HK anime DVDs, the demand for VHS copies has dwindled to almost nil. Because of this, and coupled with the fact that I have virtually no free time anymore (now that I've graduated college and have joined the rat race), I have decided to halt the fansubbing and distribution services I was providing. It has been a most excellent and fun four-and-a-half years, and I hope I was able to spread the joy of anime to many. Though it is with a tinge of sadness that I close KiwiAnime and KIDS, I feel we have succeeded in our master plan... to bring the joy of anime to many, and to raise awareness of anime in the United States. I feel that it is because of our services and the many many other fansubbers and distributors that we are seeing this increased interest in anime in America. I will leave both the KiwiAnime and KIDS Distribution websites up for now, because a lot of work went into these (especially the reviews page) and I still feel they are of some importance. My email remains unchanged, so if you feel like writing me, please do! Finally, I would like to say "Thanks" to my friends who introduced me to anime, to those fansubbers and distributors who helped grow my anime library, and to all the friends I made through running these services myself. A special "Thanks and Hello!" goes out to Matt @ Karinkuru Anime, Barry Cantin, Charles Scott, and Brian Devitt... thanks! And Happy New Year!

Projects:  All projects have been put on hold indefinitely.

Sponsorship:  Sponsorship is closed and previous sponsorships have been refunded.

Old News:  Old News page updated with news from 9/10/01.

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