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Last updated:  January 1, 2003

Welcome to the WHAT'S NEW page of KIDS! Here you will find the latest information regarding KIDS, statistics on the most requested and/or highest rated titles I have to offer, and any other ranting that I feel like dishing out! Plus, at the bottom of this page you will find a section of Special Offers -- check it out! And be sure to come back here often!   Recent News

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Recent News

01/01/03  It's been almost a whole year since my last update, so this probably will not come as a surprise to anyone who actually still visits our site. With the great increase in commercialized anime in the US and the influx of cheap HK anime DVDs, the demand for VHS copies has dwindled to almost nil. Because of this, and coupled with the fact that I have virtually no free time anymore (now that I've graduated college and have joined the rat race), I have decided to halt the fansubbing and distribution services I was providing. It has been a most excellent and fun four-and-a-half years, and I hope I was able to spread the joy of anime to many. Though it is with a tinge of sadness that I close KiwiAnime and KIDS, I feel we have succeeded in our master plan... to bring the joy of anime to many, and to raise awareness of anime in the United States. I feel that it is because of our services and the many many other fansubbers and distributors that we are seeing this increased interest in anime in America. I will leave both the KiwiAnime and KIDS Distribution websites up for now, because a lot of work went into these (especially the reviews page) and I still feel they are of some importance. My email remains unchanged, so if you feel like writing me, please do! Finally, I would like to say "Thanks" to my friends who introduced me to anime, to those fansubbers and distributors who helped grow my anime library, and to all the friends I made through running these services myself. A special "Thanks and Hello!" goes out to Matt @ Karinkuru Anime, Barry Cantin, Charles Scott, and Brian Devitt... thanks! And Happy New Year!

01/04/02  HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hi everyone... hope your holidays were as special as mine were! What an excellent year 2001 was for me... but who knows, maybe 2002 will be even better! Hope you are all enjoying the New Year! I know, I know... three months is too long between updates -- sorry about that! Between job hunting, the holidays, and my sister coming home from Wales, I've been a tad busy of late. But hopefully things'll look up now that we're into the New Year! Currently my link on Anipike is wrong because of the whole JPS-go-bye-bye thing, but I'm working on that and once they start accepting new link submissions again, I'll get on it. Aside from that, nothing really new to announce. Got a trade or two on the back burners... if those pull through then we'll have a few more titles to add. So, keep an eye out! ^_^

10/03/01  Not much to report, really... Minor cosmetic changes to the LIST and STATUS pages, but other than that nothing new. Still searching for translators for Nuku DASH, and no new changes to KiwiAnime, yet. Keep checking!

09/29/01  Yowzers! Much MUCH too long since my last update! Gomenasai! Just to keep you up to date on my life, I have finally gotten completely moved out of my college apartment and am back home with the 'rents, at least for now. As you have probably noticed, Kiwi Anime is up and running (my attempt at fansubbing) and KIDS Anime (this site) has become a subdivision of Kiwi Anime. If you haven't checked out Kiwi Anime yet, take a look and let me know what you think! You can find it at www.KiwiAnime.net. In other news, I've added a new Lupin tape, Fujiko's Unlucky Days. A billion thanks go to Mike Hall for this awesome donation!! As far as my anime sites are concerned, that's about it for news. As for me, the last two weeks of July were absolutely blissful, and August was pretty darn good too. And during the first two weeks of August, I had my hands full of kindergarteners and 1st graders, as I was the K-1st teacher at our annual Vacation Bible School (my 10th anniversary as teacher!). It was loads of fun and everyone had a great time. The end of August and pretty much all of September (save 9/11/01, of course) was rather uneventful, but very restful, which is always good. Out of college now, but still no job. Not even looking, really, though I've gotta start. And oh yeah, my computer is on the fritz. Anyhoo, all for now. Hopefully it won't be such a big gap between the next updates!

Top 5 Most Requested Titles as of  July 9, 2001
(Only AVAILABLE titles listed)

           Title                   Rating
  1.  Mamotte Shugogetten            9-     see review
  2.  DNA²                           8-     see review
  3.  Kodomo no Omocha               10     see review
  4.  Macross: Do You Remember Love  6      see review
  5.  Slayers Gorgeous               7      see review

Top 5 Highest Rated Titles as of  July 9, 2001
(Only AVAILABLE titles listed)

           Title                   Rating
  1.  Kodomo no Omocha               10     see review
  2.  Hameln the Violinist           9      see review
  3.  Mamotte Shugogetten            9-     see review
  4.  Brother, Dear Brother          9-     see review
  5.  Eden's Bowy                    8      see review

Special Offers
11/29/00   Want $20 Towards Anime?

I have a special offer for anyone who was lucky enough to tape the "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" titled "Let's Make A Date" which aired Thanksgiving Day at 8:30pm (at least in California). In particular, it is the one in which Collin plays the director of the movie Braveheart while Ryan and Greg play two actors who are dead (along with a girl Sarah from the audience). Goodness, it was hilarious! Anyway, to anyone who knows what I'm talking about, if you have that episode on tape, recorded in SP mode, and would be willing to send me a copy, I'll give ya $20 towards any KIDS request, or $10 for a SLP recording. So hurry up and EMAIL ME! Hehe... btw, if you have a copy of this episode but it wasn't aired on Thanskgiving, I still want it. So, it may have been a rerun and someone might have it from an earlier air date, and that'd still be cool... I just want that hilarious "Braveheart" bit.