.:. TRADES .:.
Trading Anime Tapes From My List

    Hi! So, you'd like to trade some of your tapes for some of the tapes on my anime list, eh? That's cool! That's what I 'm here for! However, think about how many other people there are who would like some copies too, and then think about poor me who has to fill all those orders!! In order to keep turn-around times to a minimum and satisfaction to a maximum, please read through this whole page VERY CAREFULLY and be sure to follow all instructions given therein IN ORDER! Doing so will not only speed up your own order, but speed up the time it takes for me to do other people's orders as well. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Happy Anime-ing!

Info regarding TRADES:
What is a trade? Well, a trade is basically just a nice way of letting someone with an anime collection of their own (small or large) trade for copies of anime from someone else who has their own collection. Since both sides copy and send tapes, no charge is applied and both sides end up paying about the same amount. Basically, the way it works is you make copies of some of your tapes, I make copies of some of my tapes, and then we ship them to each other. That's all there is to it! Trading is the fastest way of building a large anime collection! Please be sure to read the RULES REGARDING TRADES directly below.


Rules regarding TRADES:
1. Minimum tapes per order:  1 tape (duh!)
2. Maximum tapes per order:  negotiable
3. Mixing/matching allowed ONLY if the same is done for me and I don't
    find it too inconvenient
4. Full color labels are available on CD-ROM for $2. To view a sample label
    set, click here.
5. Donations are NOT required, but are greatly appreciated and will be used
    to acquire more cool anime! They might even encourage a quicker
    response to your requests. =)
6. There is NO fee for domestic (United States) shipping charges.
    For international orders, however, it is up to YOU to calculate and send
    the correct amount of postage. I will not pay for international shipping
    charges. All funds must be in US currency.


1. Browse my anime LIST and choose the tapes you'd like to receive.
2. Email me and tell me about your trade-request. Be sure to include the
    following information:
           a. Your method (TRADE)
           b. The tape number and title of each tape you want
           c. A list of, or hypertext link to, your anime titles (or webpage listing)
           d. The type of tape you are going to use for the copies
3. Wait until you receive my email response to your email request. In my
    email to you I will let know you how many (and which) of your tapes I
4. Email me back again and let me know if you are still interested in the
    trade. If so, be sure to mention the tape number and title of each tape you
    want from me.
5. Copy the tapes I want and package them in a bubble mailer or
    bubble-padded box. I will use Fuji's new Premium UH620 tapes, and I
    expect tapes of approximately the same quality to be used. If this is a
    problem, email me and we will work something out.
6. Please type or write, on a full 8.5" x 11" sheet of blank white paper, your
    name, address, email address, the titles you are sending, and the titles you
    would like in return.
7. Pack everything up and send it to me. My address will be given in the first
    email reply.
8. Wait until your tapes return and enjoy! You may check the STATUS page
    to see if your tapes have arrived/departed yet.