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Requesting Anime Tapes From My List

Rules regarding REQUESTS:
(What IS a request?)

VHS tapes:                  $6.00 each (US $7.00 to Canada)
 SVHS  tapes:              $11.00 each (US $12.00 to Canada)
 PreviewCDs:                  $1-3 each (US $2-4  to Canada)
 Shipping, packaging, etc. IS included in these costs.

Minimums and Maximums:
Minimum of 1 tape per order (VHS or SVHS)
 Maximum of 6 tapes per order (okay to mix VHS/SVHS)
 No min/max for PreviewCDs
 No maximum to the number of requests you can make at once (ie. you can
       make another request before you receive your first one)

Payment may be made with cash, personal check, money order, or credit
       card (VISA/MC). Credit card payment is done through PayPal.
 Please make checks/money orders payable to NOT K.I.D.S.
 If paying by personal check, please add 1-2 weeks to turn around time.
 All funds must be in US currency.

Current Turn-Around Time:
This is the average time it takes me to record and mail your tapes
from the day I receive your written request. This does NOT include
shipping time, so add 2-3 days to find out when you'll actually get the
tapes. (note: for credit card requests, no written request is necessary!)
Request Method              Average           Worst Case
Pre-Pay (Cash/Check/MO)     3 days            ~2 weeks
Pre-Pay (Credit Card)       2 days            ~1 week
SASE                        7 days            ~3 weeks
Trade                       5 days            ~3 weeks

Extra Notes:
Sorry, no mixing and matching.
 Some full color labels are available on CD-ROM for an additional $1.
       To view a sample label set, click here. (Note: These labels can be added
       free of charge to any PreviewCD. Just make sure to ask for them!)
 Donations are NOT required, but are greatly appreciated and will be
       used to acquire more cool anime! They might even encourage a 
       quicker turn around time. =)
 Shipping rates mentioned herein are for domestic (United States) orders.
       For international orders, it is up to YOU to calculate and send the
       correct amount of postage.
 SVHS tapes CANNOT be played in regular VHS VCRs, but any tape we
        have in SVHS format CAN BE recorded in VHS format also.
 Sorry, but we do not currently accept SVHS SASE requests.

How to make Request by:

PayPal (Credit Card)


SASE (VHS only)