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Last updated:  July 9, 2001

Anime CD Sets

After many requests and much deliberating, I have decided to (slowly) encode more than just the first episode of each anime title. Thus, you may find sets of anime on CDROM or VCD here from time to time. The quality will be the same as the PreviewCDs, and like the PreviewCDs you can request the set in either CDROM or VCD format. Unlike the PreviewCDs, however, these sets may not include the beginning theme song, ending theme song, and/or preview of the next episode. This is done in order to (hopefully) fit more than 2 episodes to a CD.

Sorry, but these sets will not be offered in the "Bare/Standard/Deluxe" styles. Instead, each CD in the set will contain a color matte label and be packaged in a paper sleeve with window. No inserts will be included, and normal silver/blue CDs (or whatever I have available) will be used for recording. Set prices will include cost of materials and shipping. You do not need to request tapes to order these sets.

Please note that these sets are NOT meant to replace the VHS versions of the anime because the video quality on the CDs is inferior to that on the tape version. These CD sets are meant for those who, for one reason or another, like to have digital copies of the anime. For a sample of the video and audio quality, download this 1 megabyte sample file.

Currently, the following sets are available:
   $20 - Complete set of PreviewCDs (every episode listed here)
   $10 - Adventures of Mini Goddess, all 42 episodes.
    $3 - Digi Charat, all 16 episodes.
   $10 - DNA², all 15 episodes.
   $20 - Hyper Police, all 25 episodes.
   $10 - To Heart, all 13 episodes.