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Preview CD-ROMs


• Basic Description •
Have you ever:
    • wished you could see an anime series before you requested it?
     • read a review that didn't quite tell you enough about the series?
     • ordered a series based on a review only to find out it's not what you expected?
     • wished your karma was better?

Well, here's a way to change all that! Well, except for maybe that last one. With my recent acquistion of a Canopus TnT video card (the Spectra2500, to be exact), I now have Video Capture capabilities! This means that I can record movie files to my computer, burn them onto a CD, and send them to you!

I have recorded the first episode of many anime titles and am now offering them on as a PreviewCD. The entire episode has been recorded, often including the opening theme, the preview of episode two, and the closing theme. I can fit two episodes per CD-ROM (as they are quite large). Now when you request tapes you can request as many PreviewCDs as you would like, each with the first episode of two series of your choice! PreviewCDs can only be ordered if requesting tapes (they cannot be requested alone).

If you would like one or more PreviewCDs to accompany your request, be sure to
mention it in your original email -- I DO 
ALREADY BEEN MADE!!!! There is no limit to the number of PreviewCDs
you can request at any one time. Prices and types of PreviewCDs are listed below.
Also be sure to mention which titles you would like in your email to me.


• Sample •
For a sample of the quality of these PreviewCDs, download this 1MB sample file.


• Formats •
- CDROM - - VCD -
PreviewCDs recorded in CDROM 
format will play in any computer using Win95 or higher (Win98, WinME, WinNT, etc. should all work) which has a CD-ROM. The anime is recorded in an MPG format which the Windows Media Player should accept. Thus, all you need to do is put the CD in your CDROM drive, double click on the anime file you wish to view, and it should start playing. I would suggest a computer with at least a 150MHz Pentium chip and at least a 4x CDROM drive, but the CDs should play in even a 486 machine with a 2x CDROM drive.
PreviewCDs recorded in VCD format should play in any device which can play commercial VCDs; that is, PreviewCDs in VCD format should play in all stand aloneVCD players, any Playstation or similar console with a VCD adapter, most stand alone DVD players, and many computers which have software VCD 
and/or DVD players. Please note that although I can create VCDs that will play in stand alone VCD/DVD players, the VCDs I create will have the same video and audio quality as the CDROMs I create, as thus is limited by my capturing card and encoding codecs.
Main advantage of CDROM format:

Playable in any computer with
Windows 95 or higher.

Main advantage of VCD format:

Playable in stand-alone VCD
and/or DVD players.


• Styles•
Feature Bare CD Standard CD Deluxe CD
  Color of recording surface normal normal red (yes, red!)
  Protection paper sleeve slim jewel case slim jewel case
  CD Label none color matte color glossy
  Insert none color matte color glossy
  Cost $1.00 $2.00 $3.00


• Titles Currently Available on PreviewCD •

Adventures of Mini Goddess (Eps 1-3)
Akazukin ChaCha (Ep 1)
Blue Green Years (Ep 1)
Brother, Dear Brother (Ep 1)
DNA² (Ep 1)
Eden's Bowy (Ep 1)
Flame of Recca (Ep 1)
Hameln the Violinist (Ep 1)
Hana Yori Dango (Ep 1)
Hime-chan no Ribbon (Ep 1)
Hyper Police (Ep 1)
Kodomo no Omocha (Ep 1)
Mamotte Shugogetten (Ep 1)
Marmalade Boy (Ep 1)
Nuku Nuku DASH! (Ep 1)
Nuku Nuku TV (Ep 1)
Romeo's Blue Skies (Ep 1)
Ryu Knight (OAV 1)
Ryu Knight (TV 1)
To Heart (Ep 1)
Wedding Peach (Ep 1)